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Monday, January 20, 2020, 18:57
DFS Macau Time Check
By China Daily Lifestyle Premium
Monday, January 20, 2020, 18:57 By China Daily Lifestyle Premium

With perfect pre-CNY credentials, DFS Group presents more than 120 iconic and rare chronographs in Macau

If you haven’t yet had the chance to head to Macau for the 11th edition of the Masters of Time exhibition at T Galleria by DFS (in collaboration with Shoppes at Four Seasons), worry not. There’s still time – it remains on until February – to appreciate the specially created collection that covers six time periods: the 19th century, the 1920s, the 1960s, the 2000s, “today” and “tomorrow”. 

Such chronological breadth reveals much in the way of technical mastery. The heights of craftsmanship feature in more than 120 exceptional and rare watches, along with fine-jewellery masterpieces from 25 prestigious brands (including Blancpain, Bulgari, Cartier, Franck Muller, Hublot, Jaquet Droz and Zenith), as well as compilations of exclusive, limited-edition and world-debut pieces. 

“This year marks another pinnacle of DFS’s collaborative efforts with the world’s leading brands in haute horlogerie,” says Matthew Green, DFS Group’s senior vice-president of watches and jewellery, noting that the offerings appeal to consumers of all ages and aspirations. “We are proud to showcase this peerless portfolio of timepieces and jewellery that promises to delight seasoned collectors and first-time buyers alike.” 

While the historical influences are profound, DFS concludes that “we are living in one of the golden ages of watchmaking, with well-established brands standing alongside new independents, offering an extensive array of models that provide something for virtually every taste”. 

Take the example of case materials, which range from traditional steel and gold to titanium and ceramic, and now to such exotic substances as Panerai’s Carbotech and IWC’s Ceratanium. There is also increased use of open-working by the likes of Girard Perregaux and Hublot, in addition to compilations now being combined more frequently, such as the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Automatic. There’s even a timepiece – the Panerai Luminor Tourbillon GMT – that contains 3D-printed material.

For timelords of the future, get ahead with the new Zenith Defy Inventor. Heralding its new disruptive Zenith Oscillator control system – which replaces the traditional sprung balance, used for more than three centuries – the oscillator dispenses with the 30 or so components traditionally used in a regulating watch, and features a case made of lightweight titanium and Zenith’s aluminium polymer composite Aeronith. 

The immediate future of watchmaking continues – undefied.




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Images provided to China Daily

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